I’m sure that something similar has been posted before but comments that point out how quiet I am (“you should speak up/talk more/stop being so quiet!”) make me feel worse about myself and doesn’t help my crippling social anxiety/mental health issues at all.

"Two people don’t fall in love because they sleep in the same bed, but because they share the same dreams."

 Mark Amend (via psych-facts)



I read a post the other day about karma and i cant stop thinking about it…the persons question was ” do you really believe in karma? I do good things all the time and I just feel like nothing good comes back?”

1. do good things because well.. you should! not just to expect something in return…

2. It could be bad karma catching up with you from a previous lifetime!

Karma is intrinsically “bad”. Karma is a series of past events, people, and conditions that are still present in our lives as difficulties to be faced and overcome while Dharma is well defined as a way of conduct we have to transition into our lives as an outcome of alignment with our Karma. Dharma can be understood as the path rather than the final achievement itself, while Karma is best known as the law of action and reaction, that is, every action generates a consequence. Dharma is something one must spend a lifetime achieving whereas karma changes from moment to moment. So Karma is always a “bad” thing.